Mini Holland will give residents …

  • Safer streets by removing through traffic, encouraging active travel such as walking, scooting and cycling… more fun and greater independence for young and old.
  • Better pavements, lighting, crossings, public spaces, trees.
  • Closer and calmer communities – less through traffic on residential roads encourages friends and neighbours to meet, talk, socialise and play.
  • Fewer cars, vans and lorries, which means less pollution.
  • High quality cycle facilities such as protected tracks and cycle parking.
  • Healthier lives for more local people, and reduced costs to the NHS by tackling the obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemics, depression and other well-being issues.

Plus our community will be blazing an inspirational trail, demonstrating solutions to our many environmental crises including our growing population… we can build more homes but not more roads or parking spaces.

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