Residents Respond to Mini Holland Protest

really mattersWe Support Mini Holland in Waltham Forest, a group of more than 600 residents who back the scheme to get more people walking and cycling, has released a statement in response to the E17Streets4All protest outside the Town Hall:

“We urge our Councillors to remember the results of the extensive consultations they have undertaken, which show a clear majority of residents who respond are actually in favour of Mini Holland. We hope they ignore the misinformation and myths propagated by the E17Streets4All group.

“As our population booms, we desperately need more journeys made on foot and by bicycle to help ease congestion and reduce pollution. We want to save the NHS money as more people exercise and reap the health benefits. We want the streets we live on to be quieter, safer places where we and our families can walk and cycle with less fear of motor traffic.”

Campaign material from E17Streets4All has claimed that there are 70 streets closed due to Mini Holland – the true number is 26 which all received majority support from residents who responded to consultations.

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