Local residents overjoyed as walking and cycling scheme overcomes latest hurdle

Orford Road
Orford Road

On Friday Nov 6th, a legal challenge to Waltham Forest’s Mini-Holland scheme was rejected by the High Court.

In response to this judgement, Lee Hayes, speaking on behalf of We Support Mini Holland, an independent group representing over 400 local supporters of the scheme, said:

“We are delighted with today’s High Court decision, as it means that Waltham Forest can continue with its ambitious programme to promote walking and cycling in the borough.

“We appreciate that not everyone agrees with all aspects of the programme and that it will have an impact on many people. We believe that this impact will be positive  – for example, it was announced this week that for the first time in 15 years, every shop unit in Orford Road, E17 is occupied and two local restaurants on the street have expanded since a stretch of the road was recently pedestrianized. 

“Local knowledge is essential and we encourage anyone with comments, suggestions or criticisms to engage with the Council. As a result of feedback provided by local residents and businesses, Council officers have made changes and adaptations to initial proposals and really do take people’s suggestions on board.”

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